ham cheese toastie

Ham, Cheese, Pickle Toastie with Honey Mustard

Anytime is a good time for a toasted sandwich. A breakfast staple, light lunch or snack in-between meals, devour a buttery crusty cheesy hot sandwich with the drink of your choice – coffee tea or beer.

My ultimate toastie is cheese, ham, pickle and honey mustard, hence the recipe below. Controlled heating on the teppanyaki grill keeps this toastie golden, whilst slowly melting the cheese. Much easier than a frying pan on the stove, just switch the grill on, make you toastie and simply wipe grill down after with a sponge. No dishes except your plate!

ham cheese toastie



Crusty white bread
Cheese – emmental, swiss or chedder
1 pickled cucumber or gherkin
Salt and Pepper
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tsp honey


  1. Turn teppanyaki grill to heat setting 2.
  2. Mix mustard with honey.
  3. Butter bread. On unbuttered side layer ham, cheese, pickle, salt and pepper. Spread other side with honey mustard.
  4. Grill on buttered sides until golden brown (by adding pressure to the bread it will cook faster, so either press down with your hands or place a small saucepan on top).