Raspberries with Disaronno Cream



Raspberries with Disarono Cream

Recipe: Raspberries with Disaronno Cream

Disaronno is an amaretto-flavoured liqueur made in Italy with a bittersweet almond taste. It is used widely as a mixer in cocktail recipes, however Italians like to drink it served on ice as a post dinner digestive.

The sweet sticky golden spirit mixed with cream is a marriage made in heaven and perfect for pouring over desserts such as cakes or fresh fruit.

The best combination for a light refreshing finish to meal is a large handful of fresh raspberries, or strawberries if you prefer, topped with Disaronno cream and generous shavings of white chocolate. Simple, satisfying and on the richter scale of unhealthy desserts it definitely ranks in under 5.


Raspberries with Disaronno Cream

Fresh raspberries
Double Cream
Disaronno Liqueur
White chocolate



  1. There are no strict rules on measurements for this recipe, apart from the Disaronno cream which should always be 2 parts cream to 1 part Disaronno.
  2. Place your desired amount of raspberries in a glass serving cup. Cover with Disaronno cream and finish with shavings of white chocolate.

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